Hoodoo Beginner’s Kit

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This amazing Hoodoo Magick kit would be perfect for any conjurer or practitioner of the craft that needs to cast a few spells or just update their witchy cabinet.

These powders, herbs, oils, etc come from my personal supply and are hand crafted so they are plainly packaged without all of the frills of some Commercially produced products.

All herbs and powders are packaged in 2 in X 2 in baggies

1 package black salt
1 package goofer dust
1 package sulfur powder
1 package hot foot powder
1 package mullein leaves
1 package graveyard dirt
1 package brick dust
1 vial van van oil
1 vial flying devil oil

1 rusty coffin nail

Included for FREE with this package is: 1 charged spell candle and various free spells that use some of the above items.